The Technology We Use

Kutamo uses a wide range of technologies and frameworks, depending on our client's requirements and objectives.

Key Languages

We're primarily .Net developers, but we also spend a lot of our lives in Javascript and other languages. In fact, we spent so much time in both .Net and Javascript, we've build developer tools just for those platforms, over at ErrLog.IO

Microsoft .Net


Databases and Caches

Every application or website that we build needs a database. Our preferences are Microsoft SQL Server, but we also use MySQL and redis where it makes sense.

Microsoft SQL Server


Mobile Technologies

Everyone wants a mobile app these days! Whilst we're probably not going to build the next Flappy Bird, we can build Android, iOS and Windows apps for your business.

Apple iOS



We live in the cloud, or at least it feels like it sometimes in Melbourne. It makes a lot of sense to leverage the resiliancy and scalability of the cloud, so we recommend Microsoft, Google and Amazons offerings.

Microsoft Azure
Amazon AWS
Google Cloud Platform


Web Frameworks and Platorms

Writing code from scratch is fun, but not always efficient. As such, we have a wide range of tools and frameworks to call upon to quickly develop business applications.

Microsoft Xamarin
Adobe PhoneGap
Twitter Bootstrap